JK-Matic Company

Water is an integral part of our daily life, such as domestic water, industrial water, water, agriculture, etc. and several people have some idea about the modern water treatment. You can easily understand the basic principles of water treatment and examine our products. The objectives of the JK-Matic company are to preserve the environment, to reach high quality of our products and the high development goals. Our products meet the highest requirements and are energy efficient and reduce emissions. Water consumption of the JK-Matic disc filter is 15% lower than the same equipment. The JK-Matic multivalve system allows to compare the levels of water hardness and water saving by 30% -50%. 

Use of JK-Matic equipment for water treatment

The JK-Matic company's products have been successfully applied in areas such as ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, pretreatment, desalination, heating system and condensate recovery, irrigation, industrial water and wastewater reuse.