JK-Matic Stager


The hydro-pneumatic distributor is a rotary mechanism of hydro-pneumatic distribution signal for transmission and hydro-pneumatic control signal to control the opening and closing of the membrane valves.

The stager has a high durability and reliability, due to the self-lubricating material of program of rotating disks.

Designed specifically for membrane valves, the stager controls all multi-valve system.

The stager is the ideal mechanism for the membrane valves management.

The stager can use both water and air to control the signal. The control signal pressure must be greater than the water pressure in the system.

In case of power failure, you can manually shut down the work cycles.


Field of applications

The JK-Matic stager can be used for softening, filtration systems, ultrafiltration, separators, self-cleaning mesh filters, irrigation systems and many other processes.