The JK-Matic Company, in 1994, began to develop and launched a series of controllers, multi-valve systems for various applications.

JK-Matic represents its own controllers for multi-valve systems. Currently, the following features are available: filters of various modifications, the standard softener, counter-softeners, deionizers.

The JK-Matic multi-valve systems are quite diverse, and can be used in a complex variety of measuring and controlling instruments. The system controller is flexible enough, and in conjunction with stager is able to solve almost any problem in the field of water treatment.

The JK-Matic multi-valve controller is a special controller designed to work in conjunction with hydro-pneumatic distributor (stager), which allows a very flexible approach in design of multi-valve systems. The service data controller is simple and low cost. Because the system consists of independent units, it is not necessary to change the whole control system in case of a failure, each block can be changed separately. Simply replace, without invoking professional engineers, the relevant details, and the fault is rectified.


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