Disk systems controllers JFC

JFC-11 controller is designed specifically for disc filters and other backwash filtration equipment. It is designed as the integration of the mechanical controller (stager) to the electronic control. The controller possesses superior characteristics when used:


  1. Chinese and English versions of the user's control panel available.
  2. Installation of the integrated controller.
  3. Power options: 150-250V / AC, (may be malfunction during power fluctuations).
  4. The display shows the time remaining before the start of backwash process.
  5. Different backwash start modes: time interval start, the start signal on the remote or on the pressure difference, manual activation.
  6. Various input and output signals: differential pressure input or remote signal, protection signal of the low pressure, the output backwash signal, the main valve signal, valve signal delay and alarm
  7. Logging of important information: the start time of the pressure switch, the time interval cycle time forced manual start and total time of the system. Available Reports magazine
  8. Convenient operating mode, easy to change settings
  9. Visually display the backwash process, the light from the right side of the controller lights up when the system comes out in the wash cycle