Multi-valve systems manual controller

The JKMO multi-valve manual controller is designed for filtration installations, water softening, desalination and other water treatment equipment, consisting of several membrane valves.

Working principles:

The controller knob is rotated in a clockwise direction by hand until the indicator arrow, which indicates the position of each program. The conversion of the controller knob manually to the desired position to switch the program of each state to achieve softening or filtration. Red arrow clearly indicates the current operating status.



JKMO multi-valve manual controller


Model Use Control program
JKMO-501 Filter Run-backwash-flushing
JKMO-502 Co current softening regeneration Run-backwash-saline solution + replacement-washing
JKMO-503 Filter Run-backwash
JKMO-505 Countercurrent softener regeneration Run-backwash-saline solution + replacement-washing






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