JKC controllers


The JKC controller is a new advanced controller designed on the microcomputer chip. The JKC controller is designed to control the operation of water treatment systems and flow type devices regeneration. It can independently control multi-valves systems of filtration, softening and desalination.

The JKC controller has many functions, such as displaying the amount of remaining capacity indication, the preinstalled recovery program, display of current cycles, the feedback signal, the external signal from the solenoid valve.


  • password protection
  • (Control of 1-3 devices) the multi-day consumption flow meter and the accumulating flow meter.
  • The unit displays and clears the total flow rate.
  • Various indication systems (work, regeneration, standby, feedback)
  • Locally forced manual regeneration.
  • Remote forced control of signal to start regeneration
  • The K-parameter flow meter selection
  • Mapping system flow rate (0-999t / h), and the value of the remaining preset time 1-9999.9t
  • Displays the total service volume and reset function
  • Displays the work steps (maintenance, regeneration, standby, feedback)
  • Alternative manual start
  • Remote control signal
  • Selection of an external signal regeneration time (2 - 9999 seconds)
  • Displays the feedback regeneration status
  • System selection: free choice of C1, D2, D3, E2, E3
  • The auxiliary system output in the regeneration of the control solenoid valve
  • Protection against power failure: setting parameter can be stored for 3 years
  • The box is made of plastic which is resistant to dust, water and corrosion
  • Can be mounted on a wall or on a bracket
  • Combines with Autotroll, Fleck


Technical specifications

Project Options
voltage controller 110V/AC 220V/AC 50/60HZ 5W
protection class IP65
ambient temperature 4-60°C
size 290×190×140
pulse input Rectangular pulse 0-150HZ,the probe (direct current) voltage 5-24V
water volume range 1-9999m3
output signal 3 relay passive contact. Contact capacity,AC220V/2A
solenoid valve output signal Passive contact. Contact capacity AC220V/2A
solenoid valve output signal Passive contact




JKC application



The measurement data from a variety of aqueous systems pass through the JKC controller, when the system reaches a predetermined value, an output signal, the JKA begins to operate the system and to make regeneration

JKC areas of application

Control mode System mode Tanks quantity Control mode
JKA single softener  Q 1 Flow control
Two alternating softeners (JKC+two JKA) D2 2
Two further softening system  (JKC+two JKA)  E2 2
 Two in service, one in regeneration or standby (JKC + three JKA) D3 3
Three consecutive (JKC+three JKA) E3 3



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1 Instruction JKC JKC manual.pdf