For many years, JK-Matic traditionally improves the quality of membrane valves and makes innovations. During the 2012 - 2013 the JK-Matic membrane valves range successfully expanded to eight series and dozens of modifications so that it can be applied in a wide range of water treatment systems, and other areas of control and manage the flow of fluids. 

The JK-Matic membrane valves use a unique two-part design to control flows. The flow control does not depend on the type of liquid supplied to the control chamber, also the control chamber can be supplied not liquid but compressed air, thus achieving greater flexibility and reliability in valve management. The membrane Y-valves may be characterized by good management flexibility, simplicity and reliability.

The valve body and the lid are molded from glass-fiber reinforced thermoplastic giving exceptional strength, durability and high corrosion resistance. As a consequence of the absence of metal parts inside the valve, our membrane valves are well suited for the demineralization process.

To give increased strength to reinforced rubber diaphragm, a special molding process is used thus achieving a high abrasion resistance and long service life of the membrane.

Y-shaped design minimizes the pressure drop across the valve and increases the flow characteristics resulting in low energy consumption of valves.