Membrane valves JK-Matic


JK-Matic membrane valves are divided into four ranges: Y521, Y524, Y526, Y528.


All range except Y528 series, can be manufactured from three materials, namely: PA, PP, NORYL.

The Y528 valves range is not manufactured in PP version


Membrane valves, made of different materials, can also have different types of threads of control signal: NPT or BSP, in order to adapt to different types of fittings.


Such a detailed classification of the JK-Matic membrane valves is made to facilitate the users to select the required modification of valves.


Y521 Y524 Y526 Y528


Modifications of membrane valves:


The following additional modifications of membrane valves are currently available:

  1. normally closed
  2. Limit-stop
  3. Contact closure
  4. position indication
  5. spring-loaded normally-open
  6. spring-loaded normally closed
  7. solenoid membrane valve
  8. level control membrane valve
  9. pressure stabilization membrane valve
  10. pressure reducing membrane valve



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