Membrane valves adapters

Connectors of the membrane valve


JK-matic provides the possibility to mount valves on pipelines of various sizes for several different tube adapters: not collapsible adhesive adapter, the folding adhesive adapter, threaded pipe adapter, slotted adapter for sleeves, slotted sleeve adapter, flange.



  not collapsible adhesive adapter folding adhesive adapter threaded pipe adapter slotted adapter for sleeves slotted sleeve adapter flange
Y521 / / / /
Y524 /
Y526 / / /
Y528 / / / / / /



The Y528 series valve body is molded together with the flange, so not listed in the table above.

For more information about connectors, please download the appropriate file.



No File name Download
1 Drawings of various  membrane valves tube adapters Y52 521&524 socket weld end connectors.pdf
521&524 grooved adaptor connectors.pdf
524 union connectors.pdf
524&526 grooved prepared for coupling.pdf
524&526 grooved prepared for coupling.pdf
526 flanged connector part.pdf