Disc filters use

Disc filters are widely used as pre-filters in industrial and commercial areas such as:

Also, disc filters are used in the manufacture and operation of:

In circumstances when it is necessary to use river water, the disc filter may be used as a pre-filtration equipment before the main filtration systems. When aqueous conditions are better, for example, tap water or deep well, the disc filter can be used before the security filter. In general, in the labeling of filtration equipment, the role of the filter disk is the load pre-treatment reduction , reducing or protecting of subsequent filtration equipment, or as a subsequent filter to prevent any particulate emissions.

1. The use of disc filters for the pretreatment of water before membrane filtration systems



The role of the disc filter: to filter out particulates larger than the size of the internal passages of the hollow fiber membrane to prevent clogging.

The role of the disc filter: to filter out particulates to prevent clogging of the membranes.


2. Disc filter in the filtration of circulating water


Cooling circulating water is 70-80% of total water consumption. For cooling systems use a lot of water, but because the working temperature of the cooling water is relatively low, the quality of water required is substantially lower than that of the boiler water.

The cooling technological water with a closed loop is not exposed to air, it has a small loss, as well as a low salt content. Such water is usually used for generators, internal combustion engines or equipment which has special requirements for heat exchange equipment.

In the open loop, using cooling water in a cooling tower, cooling water is in contact with air containing suspended substances in water, and continuously changing the ionic composition and also requires a constant replenishment of cooling water.


Disc filters can be used in the following cases:


3. Water treatment at disc filters together with ion-exchange units


Ion exchange is used to remove ions from the water by means of special ion exchange resins. Before serving water to the ion exchange filters is recommended pre-cleaning disc filters. Also, it is recommended the installation of disc filters after the ion-exchange filters for the prevention of possible emissions grains of ion exchange resin or other large particles.


4. Water purification at disc filters in general systems


With the rapid development of industry and agriculture, water pollution and deteriorating quality increase. Growth in suspensions of water seriously affects manufacturing. Modern industrial production is constantly improving water quality requirements. Increasingly, water is required for the production of any product, without any suspensions, but there is no general effect on the composition of natural waters. Therefore, mechanical cleaning of water from the mists on the disc filters becomes an integral part of everyday life in all spheres of human activity.

5. Disc filters used in agriculture


The rain drop method irrigation is a key component of agriculture. The drop method irrigation usually takes place through a small orifice (hole streaming). Due to the small size of the flow holes, it is necessary the water does not contain contaminating dirt. Thus water treatment in irrigation systems is crucial for the normal functioning of the irrigation systems.


6. Disc filters, used to purify water for industrial nozzles


As in irrigation systems, devices using different nozzles for spraying water are widespread in the industry. Naturally, the  removal of suspended solids is required in order to prevent contamination. With a relatively large consumption of water, disk filters are the most reasonable method of cleaning